Welcome to Roofing Singapore. We have gladly been offering re-roofing services, new roof services, re-roofing services for Singapore homes and companies since 2010. Regardless of whether you need a spilling rooftop fix or you need a total quality re-material arrangement, Roofing Singapore has constructed a notoriety dependent on quality, esteem and excellent client assistance.

We know that a successful new roof, roof repair or re-roofing solution is one that not only protects your most valuable asset, but is also one that adds style and character to your home. Because of this, we have teamed up with some of world leading roofing suppliers. So no worry. You can count on us.


Even before you get your local roofers classifieds, phone book, or begin your search on the web, you need to decide for yourself on a brand new kind of roofing that you need. Picking out the kind of roofing you would like first will help to make it simpler to look for a specialist who understands how to install the kind of roofing you are interested in.

For those who have a lesser slope or a flat roofing on your home, then you will want to locate a producer that are experts in flat roofs.
If you want a cedar shake roofing, then you will want to locate a cedar shake roofing specialist. The bottom line is to hire a roofing specialist rather than a “we do it all” roofer which knows very little around the type of roof you are looking at. Keep in mind that you do not want your weekend shingles warrior to install an area of expertise metal roof, or a slate roofing.

Metal Roofing only like slate roofing is a specialty trade that requires proper training, experience and system specific now how to install your roof correctly. Unless of course you need to possess leaking inside your new roof the next time it rains. Then you may need to do your research, as well as appearance in the roofing specialist work before you decide to hire him.


Our licensed domestic roof tilers are known by all of our customers as professionals that deliver quality domestic and residential solutions at exceptional prices. As well as being friendly and reliable, our team also pride themselves on ensuring that your home and garden is never impacted by the roofing project. We clean after ourselves and remove all old roofing and rubbish every day — an included service that we know that you will appreciate.

Our licenses and accreditations and qualifications include:

  • Licensed roof tiler / roof slater
  • Accreditation in risk assessment and the development of job safety analysis for roof tilers
  • Statement in safety checking electrical appliances
  • Statement in scaffolding


  • I recently needed my roof to be repaired and contacted several companies. After narrowing down my search with price comparison, i decided to go with Roofing Singapore because of their professional and modest attitude and was very happy with my decision. The team followed through with what they had promised and i will recommend them as my first choice to any of my friends.
    David Ooi
  • We are delighted with the excellent work of Singapore Roofing who retiled our house and garage. From the first they impressed us with their specialist expertise in the area of re-roofing and the job they did, did not disappoint. All workers on our re-roofing were courteous and professional in every way at the end of the job our house and property were as tidy as they had been before the re-roofing and we had a spanking new roof as well.
    Adrian Lim
  • They did very good job for my house roof. They are very well organized and professional. Each man knew what their job was and they were done in no time. I am very happy with the workmanship. They also left my property cleaner then it was before they started. I have zero complaints zero issues. Highly recommend!
    Cecilia Csw
  • I was very happy with the team performance. All worked was done on time. The team is very professional and i was happy to have them to work on my home roof.
    Ronan Loh


To be able to repair a roofing, regardless of the damage, the job area need to first be cleaned. In some cases this involves simply a pressure washer to blast away any kind of moss, debris, or growths that have discovered obtain on the roof.

In other cases this requires using a claw mallet to raise up as well as discard any kind of scraps of broken tiles, cutting away any water logged or torn areas felt sheeting underneath, and raising away any kind of destroyed or soaking sections of plywood that are nailed to the roof joists.

Ultimately, gutters might be removed from the perimeters from the roofing. Having a clear work surface, roofing services can begin. That old or damaged sections of plywood are swapped out. Roofer’s nails connect these phones the joists from the roof and water-proof tar-based caulking seals all of the seams. The sutures are next covered over with extra caulking to ensure any kind of openings they’ve created are water-tight.

At this time flashing might be mounted if it was not already. The top most layer near the joins in the roofing is covered with glued-down finishing pieces. Gutters are placed with the sides nailed in just beneath the rooftop flashing. Downspouts are secured with screws in to the wooden or concrete from the home’s outer wall surfaces within the appropriate places.

Finally, the roof is dispersed into with a thick layer of specially designed sealant. When it dries out, this sealant creates another layer of defense against the rain and effectively winterizes your roof by stopping the shingles through entering straight connection. If still having problem, please give roofing specialist a call.

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