7 Reasons To Choose A Tiled Roof – Roofing or re-roofing your house is an activity which you must consider as a long term investment. Due to the rapid changes in the building and construction industry, you can access so many options for your roof.

However, as you look at the options, you should try your best to choose the industry-acclaimed and finest material that is stylish and durable. One of the famous roofing options which many people in Singapore continue to prefer is the use of tiles.

Although many people have an illusion that tiles are expensive, you will realize that this is not true once you install them. A tiled roof can offer you many benefits. Some of the 7 reasons why you should choose a tiled roof in Singapore are:

1) Savings in the long run

7 Reasons To Choose A Tiled Roof

A tiled roof can offer you an excellent insulation against sound and hot sun. Such insulation can enable you to reduce the energy bills since you will not be required to switch on your aircon.

In case you live in places where are a lot of sounds especially near an airport or road, then tiling can offer you insulation against sound.

2) Fireproof

7 Reasons To Choose A Tiled Roof

Many of the roofing tiles are made of materials such as clay, terracotta and concrete which cannot burn easily. This assists to prevent class A fires from spreading.

3) Environmentally friendly

Many of the roof tiles are made of purely natural materials such as clay and concrete all of which are derived from the earth. Also, tiles do not have any toxic or harmful chemicals, therefore you will be assured that they cannot cause any harm to the environment.

In case you decide to replace your old roof tiles with ones, you will not stress yourself about where you are going to discard the old ones. This is because your old roof tiles can be used as ingredients in making the new tiles.

4) Durability

7 Reasons To Choose A Tiled Roof

Although you might spend a lot of money on buying the roof tiles, in the long run, you will realise that they are worth. If you maintain your roof well, it can last more than 50 years before you think of replacing it.

This is why you need to hire a certified professional roofer in Singapore to install the tiled roof for you.

5) Variety of options

Concrete and clay tiles can offer you many options so that you create a unique and beautiful appearance to your home. A tiled roof is a famous option is Singapore and it comes with a variety of styles and colours to suit various architectural styles.

Some of the tiles are designed to resemble the traditional barrel style, slate, and wood. You can get clay tiles made of colors such as grey, blue, mauve hues, brown, green, and beige.

6) Less maintenance

You will only need a little effort to maintain your tiled roof. This is because after installing the tiles you will not be required to add special water-resistance structures and coatings. You will also not need to paint or repaint your tiles after installation.

Sealers are also not needed when installing the tiles. This makes it easier for you to take care of your roof. If there are some leaves and other kinds of debris on your roof, you can easily pick them to increase the life of your tiles.

In case there is an issue with your tiles, it is very easy for the roof repairer to sought it out. For instance, when one tile has an issue you will only remove a few tiles to enable you to replace it.

7) Protection from pests

7 Reasons To Choose A Tiled Roof

It’s very difficult to find ants, raccoons and squirrels making holes in your roof. This is because roofing tiles are made up of clay, slate and concrete which are very strong for pests to penetrate through.

7 Reasons To Choose A Tiled Roof – Conclusion

Tiled roofs can be the best options that can enable you to achieve a classic, rich, and beautiful look for your business premises or your living house.

Since there are so many kinds of roof tiles that you can get in Singapore, you can easily achieve the exact look which you desire. Now that you know the benefits of a tiled roof, you will not hesitate in choosing it for your house.