7 Reasons To Choose Metal Roof in Singapore – Have you ever seen some homeowners in Singapore having a metal roof? What you must know is that there are so many reasons why you can decide to install a metal roof compared to other roofing materials. Metal roofs can either have traditional vertical seams or designed to resemble clay tiles, shingles, slate, and wood shake. Below are the 7 reasons why you should consider choosing a metal roofing in Singapore.

i) Environmentally friendly

Discarded metal roofing including the fasteners is 100 % recyclable while new metal roofing usually contains about 50 % content which can be recycled. If you decide to choose a roof which has a high rate of recyclability, you will assist in preventing environmental pollution. If you are environmentally conscious you will happy knowing that when you are replacing your roof, it’s only content of the old metal which you will discard away.

ii) Disaster readiness

If you fasten your roof properly, you will minimize the likelihood of it being carried away by strong winds. Heavy rains and freezing ice will slide away from your roof. Also, your roof will have a low likelihood of igniting from embers, flaming debris or sparks. A metal roof can be damaged by flaming debris and flames, but it cannot cause fire or make a fire to spread to other areas of your house.

iii) Return on investment

Although metal roofing is very expensive, it can offer you so many benefits. For instance, since it can last longer, the value of your house will be higher compared to other houses especially when you wish to sell it. Also, if the condition of your roof is good, you will find it easier to sell your house.

Since a metal roofing is less likely to catch fire, damaged by strong wind or rainfall, your home insurance premiums will not be higher.

iv) Energy efficiency

Many metal roofing materials are lighter compared to asphalt shingles. Therefore, you can easily add extra insulation to your roof without risking the integrity of your decking and framing. Once you insulate your building your house will stay cooler both in winter and summer seasons. It’s also possible for you to treat your roof with special reflective paint which can minimize the impact of ultraviolet rays onto your house.

v) Fire resistant

As highlighted above, metal roofing is resistant to fire. Also, since this kind of roof is highly flexible you can easily add some skylight to increase light illumination into your house. Such additions can enable you to save on energy costs. In case you have large building firefighters recommend that you have some opening such as skylights for them to easily visualize any smoke. If you are concerned about fire hazards, then installing a metal roof can offer you peace of mind.

vi) Coverage flexibility

Metal roofing can cover several architectural designs. This is because you can easily fasten, configure a metal into any style or shape of roof that you want. You can use coated or painted metal to enhance your image and highlight your business. You can also install a roof to match your interior décor, business brand colours or to make your building unique.

vii) Less maintenance

One of the major things that you will consider when you are installing a roof, is how low it’s likely to last. Although there are so many kinds of roofs that you can install such as wood, clay, slate, and asphalt; metal roof has the highest longevity. This is because it is able to last for more than 50 years and will need very minimal maintenance. This means that you will spend less amount of time and resources in maintaining your roof. If you wish your roof to last longer you will only be required to pick any debris, dirt, or tree branches that may have fallen on your roof.

7 Reasons To Choose Metal Roof in Singapore – Conclusion

Metal roofs are becoming the best choice for many homeowners in Singapore since they offer many benefits such as the ones highlighted above. If you install this kind of roof, it can be ones the best investment that you can make in your home. You may also never think of installing another roof in your life.